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SelfWrap: a Durable, Flexible Vascular Wrap

Addressing Dialysis Access Failures

SelfWrap is Designed to Improve Arteriovenous (AV) Access Outcomes

We’ve developed a perivascular wrap designed to improve the usability (i.e. maturation) and durability (i.e. patency) of AV access sites. SelfWrap aims to reduce inward growth or occlusion/stenosis of AV access sites by providing biomimetic mechanical support, improving hemodynamics, and promoting outward vein growth. It is being studied with the potential for the following:
  • Cells grow outward instead of inward
  • High blood flow is preserved
  • Access site failure is prevented
  • Fewer surgeries, less catheter reliance
  • Reduced mortality rates
With SelfWrap

Materials are absorbed by the body after providing mechanical support

Flexible, Conforming Fit

Material provides a conforming fit to each patient

SelfWrap is currently in the research and development phase and is not available for sale in any country. Investigational Device. Limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use.

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